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Are you a creative struggling to find your voice? Are you overwhelmed with imposter syndrome and self-doubt? Could you use support and intentional guidance? You've come to the right place.

As a creative I know what it feels like to be alone just trying to figure things out. Which is why I designed this workshop, to provide support and encouragement to you and others on the same journey. 

Over the next 4- weeks  you will learn how to find your rhythm, hone in your skills, kick the doubt and create a process that fits you and your work. Continue below to get a peek inside the workshop. 

Fail Like A Creative

Anything worth doing has a risk of failing. Truth is, it won’t go as planned, you won’t have all the answers but this time has the possibility to be different. You can’t wait until you’re ready, you’re never ready. 

We teach you how to give yourself permission to fail. 

To make mistakes.

To try it again.

To have fun being in the process.

This is your chance to mess up a little and make up for it in the end, this is a chance to humanize what it means to be a creative. 

Show your work (and you)

Showing your work is the dream of every creative and their greatest fear. But don’t worry, here we practice getting comfortable with being seen, sharing our work, and receiving feedback to become better, not perfect.

It’s time to allow others the chance to see you and your work. 

Find your voice

I bet you didn’t know your work could change others? Well, it can! With your work you have the ability to make difference that matters with the vision you have in you. A chance to make something that you’re eager to share with others.

If there was ever an opportunity to change the way we do creative work, it would be now. This workshop is designed to help you find your voice and learn how to use it. By serving in the best way that supports the work you do and those you care to impact. This is an opportunity to create difference.

Whether you’re a writer, artist, photographer, business owner, illustrator, engineer, or teacher. Everyone has the ability to create an impact. With a practice in place, together we can make progress in the direction that our work and the world need.

Workshop Overview:

  • Week 1: People & Stories – This week we unpack the beliefs and stories that are standing in the way of you creating your best work.
  • Week 2: Process & Vision – Now its time to find your voice, discover your vision and create a supporting process. 
  • Week 3: Projects & Impact- Does your project fit and support the impact you wish to make? We will learn how to pick the right medium to convey your vision to create maximum impact. 
  • Week 4: The Practice & The Calling – It’s time to show your work ! This is the week we finalize our projects to launch into the world. * the best part!

Session Date:

July 14, 2021 – August 14, 2021