find your
voice, show YOUR WORK

The Practice Workshop is a live online interactive workshop designed by Imani Evora for anyone ready to develop and deepen their creative practice.

"It's important that creatives have the support they need to do their work, we believe it starts by teaching someone how to create a practice of their own. We help creatives discover the voice that is already within them, in return, they learn how to create impact with their ideas. Everyone could use support and community, that's where The Practice Workshop comes in. "
"The Practice workshop pushed me to map out my personal vision and values through a new lens by helping me find clarity. Imani’s methods put me at ease, the class was a very comfortable and rewarding experience. I appreciated my self discoveries and have referred back to them several times since the workshop to help guide me forward. I highly recommend the The Practice Workshop!”
"Being able to connect with Imani and participate in The Practice Workshop allowed me to challenge myself, for the first time I learned how to better communicate with others. The workshop pushed me to become a better listener, allowing me to gather details and respond with greater intention. Imani helps you communicate with yourself and get out of your own way so the the world can see the best of you.”